About Us

Who we are and what we do.



CORE SOLUTIONS (CS) was founded in late 2004 by Greek experts in consulting services and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with extensive experience in both the design and the implementation of numerous projects in the Public and Private Sector in Greece but also participation in European research and development (R & D) projects.

In the almost twelve years (2005-2016) of  its operation, the company has undertaken a significant number of projects in the Public and Private Sector presenting continous revenue and profits growth.

During these years, the company developed also a significant PARTNER NETWORK at both companies and experts  level which that offers the capability to the company to undertake very large scale and complex projects providing solutions throughout their lifecycle, from capturing the current situation and needs to solution implementation and operation support.


More about us

Who we are



We’re a business and technology team staffed by experts with very high experience in the information communcation technology and management consulting as well as to e-services market area.



What we do



We provide end-to-end solutions (analyse, study, design, implement, operate)  in the ICT market as well as management consulting services. We also support public and private project financing.



Why we do it



We offer ‘value for money’ services providing turnkey solutions and supporting the business development of enterprises and organisations.



Where we do it



We provide our services mainly in Greece but we participate also to international projects (funding by EC or by private and public organisations).




Here are the seven stages of our 7Cs consulting methodolology  we apply to ALL of our conuslting assignments no matter whether our assignment is 1 month or 1 year:

1. Client – understand the requirements

2. Clarify – the nature of the problem

3. Create – plan of action

4. Change – implement/transform

5. Confirm – check result

6. Continue – ensure continuity

7. Close – publish measured outcomes



CORE SOLUTIONS supports the development of e-services through a systematic, phased approach that maximizes long-run user satisfaction and market acceptance. Our Six Phase Approach has a number of data gathering and consensus building steps, and while not all are appropriate in every situation, they define a best practice development process. The phases are iterative, each providing input for the next.

1. Stakeholder Interviews and Workshops

2. Requirements Validation

3. Pilot Testing

4. Usability Testing

5. Communications and Change Management

6. Satisfaction Tracking



Our corporate training holistic methodology follows a structured approach that includes the following high-level process and deliverables:

  • Training Preparation
  • Training Design
  • Training Development
  • Training Delivery
  • Training evaluation

Especially, our training delivery methodology involves a blended approach that includes the following elements:

  • Windows Training
  • CBT 
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT) 
  • Coaching 
  • Business Simulations 
  • Workshops